The Tower of Calivici



The tower itself is 80’ tall. The tower is made of solid stone blocks, with no visible windows. There is a set of stairs leading from the ground level up to the double entry doors of the tower.

The top section of the tower resembles a globe, with the top half of the globe made of layered metal plates. Around the rim, where the metal top half meets the stone bottom half, is a ring of steel spikes sticking up from the stone lip.

There are four 40’ tall solid steel spikes jutting from the ground around the tower, based equidis- tantly about 50’ from the base of the tower. They all lean inward toward a point about forty feet directly over the center of the top of the tower.

From the base of the spikes to the tower itself, the land is a blasted miniature wasteland. Outside the area of the spikes, the ground is rocky and normal for a hilly region, while inside the terrain more closely resembles the surface of the moon, as the ground is colorless, loose, and ashy.

The tower is home to the Mage Calivici, a reclusive wizard.

The Tower of Calivici

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