General Location and Information

Nybor is perhaps the most racially accepting settlement in Varisia and ranks highly among the list in all of Golarion. Located on the southern shores of Ember Lake and bordering the Sanos Forest, the peaceful farming community has a more half-breeds per capita than any other Varisian city. Interracial marriages are not only tolerated, but promoted, making it a haven for those who find themselves in precarious situations involving illicit pregnancies and other affairs which might be judged harshly in more puritanical locations. Being so close to the Sanos Forest, Nybor is also home to a sizable gnome population.

Map of Nybor


(1) Town Hall
(2) House of √Črodel and Veruka
(3) Geim‘s Forge
(4) Barracks
(5) Barracks
(6) The Market
(7) Agatha Moore’s Mill
(8) Fish Cannery
(9) Salxim’s Stables
(10) Wayfarer Inn
(11) Cemetery



NG Small Town

Corruption: +0, Crime +0, Economy +1, Law: +0, Lore: +1, Society +5

Qualities: Racially Tolerant, Prosperous

Danger: +2


Government: Council

Populations: 2,000 (400 Half-Elves, 400 Half-Orcs, 400 Gnomes, 200 Elves, 200 Dwarves, 200 Halflings, 200 humans)

Notable NPCs



Base Value: 1,300 gp, Purchase Limit: 7,500 gp , Spell Casting: 4th

Minor Items: 3d4, Medium: 1d6


Children of the Wayfarers' Inn RexCelestis